Discrete, Responsive, Financial Forums

Education, opportunities & guidance

The Shackleton Club aims to guide its members through key considerations across a range of topical investment themes through its exclusive educational forums.

These responsive forums utilise The Shackleton Club’s established network, be it industrialists, field specialists, professional investors or entrepreneurs.

Aimed at high-net-worth and sophisticated investors as well as wealth managers, the Club provides members with access to respected and experienced industry and corporate experts, networking opportunities and a discrete route to investing directly in private UK companies, particularly SMEs.

Additionally, members may take advantage of business forums as they look to build a business and a team to support its growth.

Events will cover a range of themes which affect contemporary investors, such as fracking, the property boom or alternative energy solutions.

The Club is responsive to feedback from members to ensure that the forum meets their topics of interest and associated requirements.

Forums may also be organised on behalf of broking firms and private client brokers.