Bespoke client events

Management & promotion

The Shackleton Club organises and manages white labelled investor events which centre on its concepts but are tailored to the individual needs of a client company.

Positioning a firm as a thought leader is a highly effective way of increasing its visibility and market share within a crowded market place and intelligent, thematic events are an excellent way to achieve this status.

This provides significant value add for client firms, both providing an educational offering to existing clients and marketing opportunities for new business. To ensure that the theme of the event meets its audience’s requirements, the Club’s responsive questionnaire can be utilised to provide the topical subject. This can also provide a valuable analytical database to improve the company’s strength of understanding of its clients.

All events are filmed and edited through the Club’s affiliate partner, Context Productions, and can be delivered through a dedicated TV platform focussed on investors for further visibility. Presentation materials, bannering and promotional products can also be provided.

Context Productions